Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tibetan Skull, Barong and Snake: Shane Tan Horinaka

The Tibetan Skull Tattoo

Tibetan skulls have long been a popular tattoo subject, heck, the skull has always been a popular subject in art. It's often used to represent mortality. In Tibet the skull represents the gift of human birth and the gift of impermanence or change.

The Barong Mask Tattoo

The Beautiful Barong is a mythological Lion type animal in the legends of Bali, Indonesia. He's the king of spirits and leader of the hosts of good.

The Japanese Snake Tattoo

The Snake in Japanese art and culture is completely different from the negative characteristics of snakes in Christian teaching. For the Japanese, the snake represents regeneration, wisdom, stelath and healing.

Artist: Shane Tan Horinaka, from Singapore.

Love how smooth it looks.

Barong mask

Mischievous looking Tibetan skull

Japanese style Snake

photos courtesy of the artist.

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