Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ink, Not Mink!

PETA- People for the ethical treatment of animals have a beautiful campaign to promote wearing tattoos instead of animal fur and Rightly So! Why would we need to kill animals for their fur and skins in this day and age with all the synthetic fibres and modern fabric technology?

"Be Comfortable in your own skin, Let the animals keep their skin."

Guns' N Roses/ Velver Revolver & Loaded's Bassman Duff Mckagan & Model wife Susan Holmes (obviously)

Carey Hart

Jackass' Steve O

Linkin Park's vox Chester Bennington

NBA super player Birdman Chris Andersen

Tattoo Artist, Henk Schiffmacher

The Stooges' Iggy Pop. Can't see his Ink but he's way cool.

Bike Builder Marcus Walz

Tattoo Artis, Mario Barth

Motley Crue's Stick wielder Tommy Lee

NBA's Dennis Rodman

Placebo''s Steve Forrest

MTV & FHM Danish hottie, Anne Lindfjeld

Tattooed model, Dani Lugosi gets the message across for PETA in Sydney Australia. In a mall. 

Very effective campaigning!

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