Monday, 4 June 2012

Still Life with a Skull: Joseph Siow

Skulls are one of the most popular images in the art world. They mean so many things to so many different people, it's a reminder of "memento mori", the transience of life, it's a recurring theme of 'Vanitas' and they are beautiful to look at.

Visual Orgasm's main man, Joseph takes on Phillipe de Campaigne's 17th century masterpiece on a human canvas. It's a beauty.

Artist: Joseph Siow, from Visual Orgasm Tattoo, Singapore. 

photo courtesy of the artist

"Still Life with a Skull"- This 17th Century oil painting by Phillipe de Campaigne the skull, the hourglass and the flower all represent mortality, transience, the passage of time and the theme of life and death.

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