Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier jumps on Tattoo "Trend" with Coca Cola

Fashion Icon Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with Coca Cola to produce a bottle design entitled "Tattoo"for Diet Coke/ Coke Light.

JPG's third bottle design "Tattoo"

The official Coke press release says "'Tattoo' showcases Jen Paul Gaultier's passion for body art." Ermmm.... okay. We're not particular fans of the artwork but I guess in the least, it brings a that much more exposure to the body art form. I guess we'll find out if he's a real fan of the ink in time to come. He might end up saying very fashion-y like "Tattoos are so passé, this season it's all about being clear skinned, darling!" Who knows?

JPG's Coke light bottle designs

Here's a video where JPG decides that Tattoos are the way to go. There's a whole series of these (if you're interested) to ensure that you get so tired of looking at this guy. Nothing says commercialism like doing something to death.

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