Friday, 3 August 2012

Flying the Flag: Sylvester Stallone

Flying the Flag: Sylvester Stallone

Action movie Icon: 'Sly' Sylvester Stallone, all tatted up.

The "Italian Stallion", brainchild and star of the 'Rocky' series and the 'Rambo' series has gotten some serious ink in the recent years. What took him so long? The tough guy shows off lots of his ink in project "the Expendables".

He's got some serious artists in his corner, thank goodness for that, many of the big names in entertainment have some really questionable ink. Sly has work from ink masters like Mike Devries, Mario Barth and Jeff Gogue. Many gossip magazines have been very unkind to Sly's ink calling it overdoing it and a middle age crisis on his sagging skin. Well, we think his ink looks just great.

Sly (Centre) and Jeff Gogue (L)

Sly got the portrait of his wife, Jennifer Flavin as a tenth wedding anniversary commemoration on his right shoulder and it has a bunch of roses and names of his 3 children. The Tiger was added later on. This action star sure can take colour work. It's Bright!
Mike Devries work on Sly's Right shoulder
Mike Devries posing with Sly and his work.
Sly with wife, Jennifer Flavin and their 3 girls.

Sly getting work by Mario Barth.
Sly's Left Shoulder by Mario Barth
Here's the new exclusive trailer to "Expendables 2" Looks really cool.

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